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Tuesdays Tip of the Day: 15 Outdoor Winter Activities for Tykes



Got cabin fever? Tired of winter? Tired of the cold? Tired of seeing the snow? Do your tykes feel the same way?

I hear ya! This time of year I am craving the warmer weather and the lively green plants. J-man is looking forward to warmer weather, too.

Until Spring arrives here are some outdoor activities that will help get you outside and add some fun to your winter blues.


Toddler Making A Snow Angel


  • Fill a few spray bottles with colored water and let them design the snow by spraying the colored water on it.
  • Build a snowman but not the typical generic snowman. Build a snowman upside down so it’s standing on it’s head, build one lying on it’s side or build an animal, insect or person instead of a snowman. Get creative!
  • Go for a hike or nature walk and take notice of how everything looks different covered in snow. If you don’t have any snow notice the difference winter has made.
  • Head out for a scavenger hunt. Can you find birds nests in the leafless trees? Is there any green vegetation anywhere? What you put on your list will be quite different than a Spring or Summer scavenger hunt.
  • Freeze bubbles. When the temperature dips below freezing head outside and blow bubbles. Watch the bubbles freeze and then shatter.
  • Give your tyke a camera and let them photograph their winter surroundings. See what captures their eye.
  • Catch snowflakes. Give your tyke a cold black sheet of paper and have them catch snowflakes on it. Use a magnify glass to examine the snowflakes that land on the paper.
  • Go geocaching. Snow may make it more challenging.
  • Create ice sculptures from colored ice cubes.
  • Bring out the sand toys and make a sandcastle with snow.


Dump Truck in the Snow


  • Play Tic-Tac-Toe in the snow. Draw a tic-tac-toe board and then use sticks and rocks to make your ‘x’ and ‘o’.
  • Snow ball game. Create some sort of bulls eye, either from paper or use an object and have your tykes try and hit it with snowballs.
  • Create a treasure hunt for your tykes. This takes some planning. Make a treasure (box filled with goodies) and then bury it in the snow or hide it somewhere outside. Give your tyke clues as to where the treasure is located. If you want to go all out you can draw a map to the treasure. Fun, right?
  • Use the snow as a canvas. Gather natural items (sticks, rocks, pinecones, etc…) to make designs in the snow. Incorporate the colored spray water for the ultimate design.
  • Look for animal tracks.


Animal and Toddler Tracks in the Snow


Make sure your tykes are staying warm by checking them every 15-20 minutes. Hands and feet tend to get cold first so don’t forget to check them.

Get out and have fun and before you know it Spring will be here.


What are your favorite winter activities to do with your tyke?




  1. Love the list. Will have to try catching snowflakes, I am sure the boys would love that.


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