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5 Front Carriers To Get Out Adventuring With Your Tyke


I’m always talking about backpack carriers for tykes but what about young tykes that are younger than 6 months? What types of carriers are best for them when hiking or venturing outdoors?

Let’s take a look at what I have experience with and other brands on the market.

5 front carriers to get out adventuring with your tyke:

First, all these carriers are front carriers where your tyke rides in front, up against your chest and stomach. For a tyke younger than 6 months this is an easy and secure way to carry them. You could use a sling or a Moby Wrap, but I believe the front carriers keep your tyke a bit more secure.

The very first carrier I used for J-man was the Belle Baby Carrier. It’s a light weight and simple carrier that has neck support for infants. This carrier was designed by two climber dads. The design of the Belle Baby Carrier puts the weight of your tyke on your hips just like a backpack would. No pulling or discomfort on your shoulders or back.





The other front carrier that I used was the Ergo Baby Carrier and with fond memories and a wee bit of attachment to it I just sold it. *sniff* Selling J-Man’s baby items makes me a little sad. That stage is over and will never be again. *sigh*

Anyways, the Ergo was a great front carrier. I switched to it for longer outings because it was easier to nurse in. The Ergo has a hood that covers your tyke well and gives you and your tyke some privacy. The Ergo is bulkier than the Belle Baby Carrier with more padding on the shoulder straps and carrier itself. The padding does make it a bit heavier, as well. We did a fair amount of hiking with the Ergo and the weight of the carrier was never an issue.




The carriers below I have never used but they seem like good options to help you continue adventuring with your tyke.


The Boba



The Beco


The Onya



What is/was your favorite front carrier? Or do/did you use a front carrier?




  1. Chas Hamm says:

    We love our Tula:) we’ve tried about 5 different SSCs, 2 ringslings, a pouch sling, stretchy and woven wraps and always come back to Tula


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