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I Discovered A New Buddy While Camping In Zion


A couple weeks ago we took a trip over to Zion National Park. We were looking for some place relatively close to home, different than the places we have been lately and somewhere that wasn’t too cold. We also chose Zion because J-Man had never been, making it his 14th national park. He’s been to almost as many as I have and he’s only 3.5. Crazy!

Zion is only 5 hours from Moab and being so close to home I can’t believe it took 7 years to revisit. Our first trip back in 2005 we had visited during peak Fall colors. It was spectacular with the vibrant red Maple leaves and brilliant yellow Cottonwood leaves. This year we missed peak season by about a week but even though the colors weren’t vibrant and leaves were sparse, it was still beautiful.

The temperature certainly wasn’t as warm as I had hoped, at least not at night. Dropping into the 20’s and with a bit of unpleasant wind it was COLD. The day we arrived it rained all afternoon and most of the night. I thought for sure we would wake up the next morning to snow, but that wasn’t the case. Everything was just wet.


We did experience a spectacular sunset that first evening.


I tend to get cold easily so last winter we bought a tent heater. I have never in my life pictured myself using a tent heater. Never even considered it until…well…I don’t know. Until I decided that I was tired of being cold and there was a solution to my problem. Yeah, I have great, warm, outdoor clothing but they don’t keep me warm when I’m changing clothes or sliding into a frozen sleeping bag.

Last winter we didn’t have the opportunity to use our Mr. Heater Buddy so I decided to bring it along this trip with no intention of needing it. You know, bring it just in case? Let me just say… I LOVE it! Call me soft, a wimp, not hardcore, whatever you like. It doesn’t matter. Me and that little warm toasty heater are buds. He will be traveling with me anytime we winter camp. It’s so nice to lay your clothes in front of it for a few minutes and then put those warm clothes on your body. Ahhhhh!

My new buddy. 🙂


We may have ruined J-Man with the luxury of the Mr. Heater Buddy. He asked last weekend during a different camping trip why we didn’t bring the heater. haha

1. It wasn’t cold enough.

2. We didn’t bring the ‘portable condo’. We just used a small 3-person tent.

3. No room or need for my ‘buddy’ that trip.



Have you ever used a portable heater while camping? Would you?



  1. Nice “condo”!!

  2. Haha, no shame in a heater buddy! A gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do to stay warm. I have really bad circulation (my index fingers completely lose all blood flow when I get too cold), so I’m all about ensuring I have a source of heat. During my big 2013 trip, I’m definitely bringing a heater for the van.

    Enjoy your warmth proudly! 😉

    • You will love the heater in the van. I got frost nip on my fingers back in 2005 and since then my fingers get cold very easily and then they get tingly when they defrost. It’s horrible. The heater was so wonderful for my cold hands.

  3. I went through a similar range of emotions last summer while I was pregnant and my husband bought me an air mattress for the tent. I was screaming, “NO way, no WAY” until I laid down on it. Oh my goodness, I’m spoiled now for life.

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