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Another trip to Grand Teton National Park


We’ve  been back from the Tetons for 2 weeks. Not too late to share our trip details, right?

Better late than never is what I like to say.

So here you go!

The trip started off late. Late as in, 18 hours late. We were suppose to leave Wednesday around 5:00pm after Bedge was done working. Well… 5:00pm came and the car was empty. I wasn’t even close to having everything packed and ready. NEVER have I been that behind. We have left an hour or two late before, but this was absurd. I was so upset with myself and couldn’t figure out why I was so behind. Could it be I spent 6hrs the day before prepping and making food, did I not start packing enough days in advance or was I just slow at packing this time around? I think the answer was the day before and all the food prep I did.


Maybe J-Man was impeding my packing and that’s why I was behind.


Yeah, pretty sure that was the reason.

We don’t normally take food to make IN the campfire, we always use a stove, so I was super excited to plan some fun meals this time around. I made hobo packs and breakfast burritos for the campfire along with a chicken cilantro lime pasta salad. Sounds yummy, right? It didn’t seem like a lot of prep work but it was and I ended up cleaning fruits and veggies for snacks. 6hrs worth of prep work, organizing meals and snacks and making food. Yikes!

So, Thursday morning we packed up and hit the road. We arrived in Grand Teton National Park Friday morning after sleeping over in Idaho Falls, ID. It’s a bit of a trek from Moab to Jackson, WY so we split up the drive for J-Man’s sake.


Who am I trying to kid?

We split it up for our sake.

Anyways, when we arrived we beelined it for Jenny Lake. Bedge really wanted to camp at Jenny Lake. It’s a great location in the park, a lot of the trailheads are close by and we have never camped there.

No such luck! All spots were taken so we headed over to Signal Mountain Campground.


So glad we were denied at Jenny Lake.

We got this sweet campsite instead.


It is tucked back in some trees away from the road and it was perfect.


Check out the view!


We spent 3 nights there hanging out in the hammock,


cooking hobo packs,


cooking breakfast burritos,


concocting yummy campfire deserts, doesn’t look great but was delicious (more details about this creation in another post),


 and relaxing.


We took a boat ride across Jenny Lake to Cascade Canyon.


J-Man hiked to Cascade Falls using his awesome trekking poles (for a portion of it),



and then he hitched a ride at Inspiration Point for a little nap.


Moose were seen,


Snowfields were crossed,


And with snow, of course, snowball fights were had.


We returned to the boat which ferried us back across Jenny Lake.


Come back Monday for the trip finale and to learn about J-man’s friend who accompanied us on all of our adventures. (The poor thing has major neck problems from being held by the neck most of the time)


Have you ever been behind on packing for a trip? Any secrets/tips to packing quickly and not taking numerous days? Do you have a favorite place you visit over and over again?





  1. Love camp fire cooking. I think everyone has been late, really late leaving at one point or another.

    We’re often quick to go: keeping it simple, lists and having the gear organized are the way we do it. I’m essentially a lazy person when it comes to chores. I’d rather be outside playing than prepping for a camping trip so we try and get it done in less than two hours (if we really try we can do it in about an hour). The packing up is usually a two man job (and whoever has the “helper” has the short list). I’m usually in the kitchen prepping the food (as a cook in a previously lifetime, I can weld the knife faster with yummier results :D). My husbands is with the outdoor gear, the whoever’s finished first grabs the clothes. Then we lock and load… in theory 😀

    When we lived in Ontario my husband and I loved Algonquin park, here in Alberta we’ll head to the mountains.

  2. Wonderful vacation! I love your photos! I’ve been to Jenny Lake and loved it. Didn’t camp though, was on my motorcycle. We always stayed in Idaho Falls on the way…great little stop! Thanks for sharing! Maybe you could share your hobo bag recipes!


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