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‘Tykes Inspired by Life’ Photo Contest


Woo hoo!

Here it is folks!

Adventure Tykes and Hi-Tec have teamed up to bring you this fun photo contest.

Share with us EVERYDAY a picture of your tykes getting outside. Share pictures of what inspires them to get outside or what their favorite outdoor activity is.

You can enter one photo per day until June 30th.

What will the lucky winner win?!?!?

This awesome giveaway package from some great brands…

Hi-Tec: 2 pairs, YES, 2 pairs of Hi-Tec shoes AND a 50% off coupon to the Hi-Tec online store.

Deuter: Backpack for hiking, school or travel.

Julbo: Sunglasses to protect your tykes eyes.

ThinkBaby Sunscreen: Gotta protect from the sun.

Eco-vessel: Fabulous water bottle that will keep your tykes drink cold for hours.

Geo Palz: Fun activity tracker to help your tyke track their steps and win prizes.

*Some item colors and styles will be based on winners preference for boy or girl.

We will be adding to the giveaway package as the month goes on so make sure you check it out each time you enter.


How to enter…

1. Upload a photo using the upload gadget.

2. You MUST leave a comment in the comment section below with a brief description of your photo and what your tykes favorite outdoor activity is. (unfortunately, when loading the photos there is no way to add name or email. Comment section is how I will match the photos)


Be on the lookout on the Hi-Tec USA Facebook page for updates of some of the week’s best entries.


The winner will be chosen July 1.


Good luck and can’t wait to see your pictures!


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**Disclosure: Photos will be viewed by readers and the general public. Adventure Tykes and Hi-Tec may use the photos in future posts or social media outlets. Only US residents are eligible to win.




  1. Here is a picture of my sons first day of ski school. Skiing is usually our activity of choice in the winter

  2. So much fun! My tykes are always outdoors, so I’m sure I’ll have an entry for each day of June 🙂 First up, my four year old snorkeling!

  3. Awesome. Love this 🙂 I’ll abstain from entering since I won a giveaway from you already though, lol.

  4. great fun… good luck to all my american friends

  5. The bee photo is mine as my kids are inspired to get outside by their fascination with bees

  6. betty wojnar says:

    Picture of my son playing with his truck in the back yard.

  7. What a great idea! I’m not the greatest photographer, but I’ll try to remember to submit something!

  8. Tracie Vandermeulen says:

    This is a picture of my boys doing their favorite summertime activity…..swimming. Here they are enjoying pool time with their Grandpa.

  9. betty wojnar says:

    my son was fascinated with this stick.

  10. Andrea Close says:

    Here’s a picture of my then 2 year old River playing in the ocean off Cape Canaveral FL. She loves the water!

  11. Do we need to comment HERE every time we post a photo or just as we upload the photo??

    • Hi Amelia,

      Please leave a comment HERE in the comment section each time you upload a photo. Unfortunately, the photos have no contact information.

      Thanks and good luck! 🙂

  12. I uploaded a photo of P playing in the dirt – this could could do this ALL day long!

  13. We are THRILLED to have room to garden this year! This is J helping me plant flowers!

  14. And my photo from today – here is J out hiking in the rain (he was loving the mud!)

  15. June 4th – Enthusiasm cannot be contained – Lily Lake, CO

  16. June 1 – Anibel swimming at Soda Lakes. (pink swimming suit and pitcher)

  17. This is my little girl (age 2) checking out the cow in the pasture. Blue skies and green grass makes for a perfect summer day!!!

  18. I uploaded a photo of my son Jackson with Daddy at the beach in Cambria, Ca. It is a favorite spot for us!

  19. My then-nine-month-old son was enjoying the yellow fall leaves during a family firewood gathering trip.

  20. My son L was contemplating running into the waves at one of our favorite mountain lakes.

  21. June 3rd – my two-year-old trying his hand at “mountain biking” on his balance bike on some local trails.

  22. June 5th- My 5-year-old rock climbing in BBC, Utah

  23. Andrea Close says:

    Here’s a pic of River checking out Balanced Rock in Arches National Park. Besides swimming, she LOVES hiking!

  24. June 5th: my two-year-old G getting in one last May crust skiing adventure along the snow fence.

  25. natasha says:

    The picture is of my 8 month old son Colt riding on my back (in an Action Baby Carrier) during our weekend hike. He has red hair and blue eyes and you can tell he is sporting a big grin (he is an outdoor baby!) I am looking back at him and have glasses on.

  26. June 5th – loving that we are exploring our new town all by bike/walking. Even 3 year old J is riding happily through!

  27. Andrea Close says:

    Here’s a pic of River doing some bouldering in Rocky Mountain National Park, age 13 months. Before she could walk she liked to be able to stretch out after riding in our Deuter Kids Comfort III pack to our destination!

  28. June 6th – It’s been HOT here the last couple of days. Fun playing in the pool!!!

  29. Oops, I forgot to leave a comment of my little guy taking a mud bath 🙂

  30. Today I posted a pic of my boys cruising in the canoe!

  31. Isa Polt-Jones says:

    Hi I shared a favorite photo of mine of my twin girls at age 5 last spring, wearing their tie-dye shirts and climbing a boulder. We called it the 8 BandAid day because between them and their buddy that’s how many they got that day.. but they had a great time exploring outside.

  32. natasha says:

    The photo I submitted is of my husband doing a back carry of our 8 month old Colt and my four year old son Canon looking around on a hike we took recently- there are some twisty vines in the photo too.
    As a family we love to hike, fish, go to the beach, have backyard picnics.

  33. Posted one photo yesterday and another today. Parker and Ellie celebrated Ellie’s circus-themed 4th birthday at a park in Olympia, Washington. In the second photo, Parker and his godsister, Abby, visit the Olympia Farmer’s Market in downtown Olympia, Washington. More pics tomorrow!

  34. Andrea Close says:

    This is River checking out a pinecone at a very sooty campsite, Rocky Mtn National Park!

  35. Uploaded a pic of Parker and I on one of the many outdoor rocking swings located around Priest Point Park in Olympia. We took that on Mother’s Day 2012, after Parker and I took my wife and mother out for a picnic lunch.

  36. natasha says:

    The picture I posted is of my four year old, Canon and his Dad taking a break on a perfect sitting log overlooking a creek.

  37. My pic from today shows my hubby and our son enjoying the fall weather and yellow leaves with a run at the park.

  38. June 7th – Abs and slings; Cliimbing gear and climbing trees

  39. June 7th – this photo cracks me up of Big Brother pushing Little Brother on the swing (and then running to try to get out of the way!) He biked to the park (hence the helmet) but that helmet came in handy here too!

  40. Andrea Close says:

    June 8-River taking a break from the trail, hiking outside Estes Park, CO

  41. jeannine s says:

    This is a picture of my son climbing ontop a dragon at the playground. They love going to this playground becuase it has so many playsets for them to play on.

  42. Andrea Close says:

    June 9-River and mommy hiking in the mountains outside Tucson, AZ

  43. Posted a picture of Parker cruising the beach in Ocean Shores, Washington, while visiting his grandparents, Nama and Papa.

  44. natasha says:

    I posted a picture of my son, Canon hosting an Alex’s Lemonade Stand. I am so proud of him for wanting to do this great event and hope we get a good turn out for our second day tomorrow- it’s really sweet hearing him tell people what the lemonade is for and knowing he is doing it for all of the right reasons <3

  45. Posted a pic of my sons hiking hand in hand as we headed out on a fishing excursion.

  46. Today’s picture is of Parker and Abby on a beautiful hike up to the tea house at Lake Louise in Canada.

  47. natasha says:

    I put another picture of my son Canon at his Alex’s Lemonade Stand (since that’s how we spent our weekend outdoors). Today he got a special surprise when the local firefighters came by for some lemonade- in the firetruck!!

  48. natasha says:

    Anytime Colt, 8 months, is sad all I have to do is head outside! He loves hiking but is just as content sitting in the grass 🙂
    The picture is of Colt in a blue onsie grinning and sitting in the grass.

  49. Molly’s first camping trip and her favorite food – corn on the cob!

  50. Jen Wilkinson says:

    I have been submitting pictures of my 2 year old son Mason. Today I posted a picture of him fishing at a lake in the La Sal Mountains. The other pictures I have posted are of him with a fish he caught at Kens Lake, his first camping trip and him dressed up in dirt bike gear.

  51. The photo I submitted today shows our sons playing with sticks by a creek (they were pretending to fish while they waited for us to get done packing up camp so we could go do the real thing!).

  52. natasha says:

    Since Colt is at his happiest outside we spend a ton of time playing and picnicing and just hanging out in the backyard. I used to bring a blanket out but as you can see- he doesn’t stay on it- he wants to sit in the grass… and try to eat it 🙂
    The picture is of Colt, 8 months, sitting in the grass in his diaper (it was hot!).

  53. Andrea Close says:

    River at Delicate Arch, 11 months!

  54. Scout (5) is a budding rock climber. She’s frequently asking, “can we go climbing today?” This pic was taken after she finished her first 5.7. The bannister in our house has now turned into her “climbing wall”. I think we need to consider other options for this spider girl.

  55. Jen Wilkinson says:

    The picture I posted today is of my son Mason (2). He hiked all the way to Corona Arch and back!

  56. entered a photo just for fun – and cause I can’t read.

  57. Oops, accidentally uploaded two pics today because I thought the first one hadn’t uploaded. I’ll abstain tomorrow! The first pic is of my boys having a water gun fight in Grandma’s back yard, and the second shows them with Daddy looking at a fish they just caught.

  58. Uploaded a pic of me and our 5mo Daughter who is drinking water from a CamelBak big bite valve. She loves to be outside regardless of activity. This pic we were hiking the O&W Bridge/John Muir Trail @ Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. Our Appalachia & Beyond stamp is on the photo.

  59. Jen Wilkinson says:

    Today I posted a picture of my son Mason riding his Strider bike to school.

  60. This is a picture of my husband and four year old son walking to the beach- they are walking on a boardwalk.

  61. Jen Wilkinson says:

    Todays picture is of Mason on our recent camping trip outside of Blanding

  62. natasha says:

    What kid doesn’t love spending time outside at the carnival?! This picture is from last night- Canon had a blast on all the rides and I got so much joy watching him enjoy a classic part of childhood 🙂

  63. natasha says:

    Since my green thumb is still a work in progress we joined a local CSA this year. Every Friday we get to go to the farm to pick up our food and the whole experience is beautiful, relaxing and fun. There is a childrens garden with a sand-play area that is surrounded by beautiful flowers that attract honey bees and butterflies. This picture is of my two sons Canon and Colt in front of the flowers:)

  64. Andrea Close says:

    June 16- River swimming, age 2. This is at her Infant Swimming Resource lesson. She loved every second!

  65. Jen Wilkinson says:

    Mason getting ready to climb

  66. My four year old Canon monkeying around in a tree in our front yard.

  67. Jen Wilkinson says:

    Mason hiking at Negro Bill Canyon. His favorite part was getting in the creek

  68. natasha says:

    Canon, 4, in a blue shirt enjoying the planks on the trail.

  69. Jen Wilkinson says:

    Todays pic is of Mason riding a horse for the first time at his cousins birthday

  70. Jen Wilkinson says:

    Mason playing in the snow in the mountains, this was the first time that he went sleding

  71. Today’s photo is of my boys at Pomeroy Lake, an alpine lake located at 12,000 ft in Colorado.

  72. Today’s pic – Hiking up at Alta ski area. Beautiful up there!

  73. natasha says:

    Canon (striped shorts) loves running on the beach!

  74. Charles Shoemaker says:

    I have posted a few photos now and did not realize there was this contact/comment area. yee ha i found it today! I posted photos of my boys. One is Joe hiking along the Palmetto trail, another is Rory watering a plant in the back yard. There is a photo of the boys in a tree- Rory has his bike helmet on. There is one of Joe kayaking with me in Charleston harbor. I also have have tried to upload a photo of Joe taking in the fragrance of Wisteria along Pitt Street in Charleston, SC

  75. June 20 – Little pretty in the hot springs

  76. We love to spend time at a nearby creek. My sons love to play in the water, even when it’s still a bit chilly.

  77. jennifer wilkinson says:

    Today I posted a picture of Mason playing in the leaves in our backyard with his pumpkin.

  78. natasha says:

    This is a picture from my son, Canon on a whale watching boat trip for his birthday- it was super cold and the water was really choppy! But, we did get to see a whale!

  79. natasha says:

    My oldest son, Canon loves to have “food parties” which are basically big plates of shareable food eaten outside. My youngest, Colt, is an outdoor baby so this is a great time to just relax and have fun in the backyard.

  80. My photo from yesterday shows my older son sharing (or force feeding, more like!) his little brother a drink from his Camelbak as they hike a trail.

  81. Hoping my photo posted – it is of J biking the trails in CO! 🙂 SO fun!

  82. natasha says:

    Colt, 9 months, enjoying some time in the grass.

  83. jennifer wilkinson says:

    This is a picture of Mason when he was 18 months hiking to Delicate Arch. He hiked the whole way on his own!

  84. natasha says:

    Colt enjoying a swing ride 🙂

  85. Today I posted a pic of my 4 year old River who completed the Columbia Mini Muddy Buddy Run this past Saturday. He had a blast!

  86. Charles Shoemaker says:

    Today I posted a photo of my little tyke while we were on a multi day camping trip in the Great Smoky mountains in North Carolina.

  87. AH! Apparently my comments AND photo are not showing. Trying again today! June 24 – loving playing in the water in Yellowstone!

  88. Today I put a picture of Canon- four, blue shirt, wide eyes- being wowed by a cool tree on the trail.

  89. natasha says:

    This was Canon on a Florida beach when he was a wee bit younger… he still loves the beach!

  90. My photo from today (June 26) shows my son running down one of our favorite trails wearing a too-big Camelbak.

  91. Andrea Close says:

    Jade cooling off in a creek in Smoky Mountain National Park! She loves the water!

  92. This is my niece showing her support at a charity Bike/Walk/Run in honor of my late husband.

  93. jennifer wilkinson says:

    Todays picture is of Mason doing tricks on his dirtbike.

  94. Andrea Close says:

    Here’s River exploring below Crabtree Falls on the Blue Ridge Parkway last weekend. She loves road trips!

  95. natasha says:

    This picture is from yesterday. We were all playing in the back yard when the boys took a moment to pet our dog Lucy. I love that both my four year old and 9 month old are petting her. They are really good with her and she is very sweet with them.

  96. Today’s picture is of my 4 year old River leaping off of a giant boulder into Daddy’s arms!

  97. This is a pic of Little Girl playing in the rocks by the tent. She loves camping, kicking a ball, blowing bubbles and running.

  98. A photo from camping this week – P is SOOO happy and SOOO dirty!
    **Trying to catch up a bit if that is ok – our internet can finally handle being able to upload photos!)**

  99. June 25 – (that I couldn’t upload until today….) J throwing rocks into the river in Yellowstone

  100. Andrea Close says:

    River checking out the view of the Grand Canyon. She liked looking through the viewfinder on the observation deck!

  101. natasha says:

    Canon caught a fish while fishing with Daddy 🙂

  102. Today is a picture of my son Avi on his first hike, leaping for joy 😉

  103. With the pic upload, I used the description: “3 yr old Hiker w/Hi-Tec boots, drinking from hydration pack”

    … it’s my daughter sitting on a stone bench (khakis & black tank), post hike, sipping on her pink Camelback – and if I recall correctly she’s wearing Hi-Tec boots. 🙂

    She was quite a trooper that day!! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  104. June 28 – J pulled P ALL the way to the post office (and insisted on no help!)

  105. June 29 – J (age 3) successfully doing the monkey bars (at least a couple of them! :))

  106. just a fan says:

    I am sorry to be a negative commenter but is it really fair to play catch up? I missed a few days too but called those a loss and moved on. I’m not sure that’s fair to everyone else on here either who are dedicating a moment of their day to this contest. Just my two cents. Good luck to all (including me) 🙂

  107. Today’s picture is of my two boys hanging out in their teepee.

  108. June 27 – Checking out the hot springs

  109. This is a picture of my daughter enjoying the end point of our hike onto Blue Ridge Lookout in the Wind River Mountains.

  110. Hiking at Irvine Regional.

    Taking a break from riding in the Ergo and enjoying the view!!

  111. So glad to see you’ve had such a great response! I’ll add a picture – I uploaded one from just the other weekend. “Gabe hiking in RMNP” is a shot of my son hiking over a log bridge in Rocky Mountain National Park at around 11,000ft of altitude. He’s 19 months old in this shot and having the time of his life. 🙂

  112. A photo of my sons wading in the water after a long hot hike to the local Falls.

  113. jennifer wilkinson says:

    Mason taking a break from fishing at Kens Lake.

  114. Charles Shoemaker says:

    The little brothers first camping experience on Hunting Island, SC. They loved playing in the tent!

  115. natasha says:

    For our last entry I decided to just show how we spend most days outdoors- simply hanging out in our backyard. Having fun playing with sticks, leaves, bugs, crawling on mommy and just relaxing. We love outdoor adventures but in the end just being outside to use our imaginations is enough. The last picture is of both of the boys being their happy goofy selves. Thanks for hosting this month of photo’s contest. It’s been fun seeing the other pictures and posting my own.

  116. June 30th – P playing in the (great) sand on the banks of the Yellowstone River – LOVING it!

  117. ****So sorry if my photos don’t count that I didn’t actually post them on the right day. I truly and honestly tried every day, but was having huge issues with our internet and it just wouldn’t load on here. I have been able to enter now since after our move we got faster internet FINALLY. But, totally understand if those days don’t count! 🙂 Such great photos from everyone!!****

  118. Naomi Osborn says:

    My 3-year-old crossing a river in the Bolivian cloud forest.

  119. Just posted a pic of my Son, Parker, sitting in the fall leaves at Bush Park in Lacey.

  120. (IMG_5088) Our youngest discovering clams in a tidal puddle on Wye Island in the Chesapeake Bay while his dad was hunting for arrowheads.

  121. (IMG_4536.jpg) Yesterday I submitted a picture of our oldest boy doing what he loves to do on the trails at Great Falls National Park outside of Washington D.C.: hike on rocky paths and climb over tree like obstacles. He is wearing a spiderman cap. (I posted the comment on the wrong page I guess.)

  122. jennifer wilkinson says:

    Todays picture is Mason and me at Delicate Arch. I was so proud of him. It was his first long hike. He was able to do most of it himself. This has been a great contest. I love showing all the things that my son enjoys doing outside. Thanks everyone for the great photos and outdoor ideas.

  123. Posted a pic taken this winter, of my husband and our two sons x-c skiing on our local golf course.


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