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Mother’s Day Tribute, Day 5! Finale and GRAND Giveaway!



It’s my last day of celebrating Moms and how awesome they are. It has been fun! Hope you have entered to win all of the awesome giveaway packages this week. If not, you still have time. You can enter them all here – Giveaways!


Being a Mom brings all sorts of adventures with it from challenges to fulfillment, from difficulties to pride, from embarrassment (which always happens at one time or another) to comfort and many others. All of these experiences leave some sort of lasting impression on us and some lend to great stories.

We all have our favorite Mom stories and sometimes it’s hard to pick and choose which are our favorites because there can be an abundance of them. Some may be humorous (which a lot are), some may be serious and some may be heavyhearted. They become our favorites for special reasons.

Here are some favorite Mom stories:

Mine: “Last Spring we took a trip to Death Valley. While out exploring around the campground J-man discovered a ladybug. I held it in my hands as we observed it and then it got tired of being stared at and flew away. Every night after that we would have to search for ladybugs. I thought it was a fluke to see a ladybug in such a dry desolate place but night after night we would find at least one. I thought J-Man would get up the courage to let the ladybug crawl on his hand but night after night he would freak if it would come close. He was so eager to find the ladybugs but not eager enough to touch them. A year later he loves to see them…but from a distance.”

Erin from AK on the Go:  “My oldest son is on the autism spectrum, and has lived away from our home, and outside Alaska, since 2008. Our youngest has only seen his brother a handful of times since then, which hurts my Mom-heart quite deeply. We planned the first family visit two years ago, and I arrived ahead of the others to prepare my oldest with some social skills and tips for greeting his then-5 year-old brother. I never know if he really understands what I’m saying, but I almost burst my buttons when they met, and big son got down on his knees and took the hand of small son, just like we practiced.”


Lindsey from Outside Mom“A few months ago we took our kids (2 and 5) out to watch a meteor shower. For some reason they were nervous being out in the middle of nowhere in the dark (not the case usually). While watching for meteors I made the mistake of pointing out all the coyotes howling in the distance. I thought it was cool, they started to panic like they were going to be eaten.

Amidst this panic I saw a meteor go whizzing across the sky, so I suddenly yelled “aaaah I just saw one”!! They of course thought I was referring to the coyotes about to eat their face off. This resulted in a totally irrational panic that could not be subdued.
We ended up driving home. Oops.”


Nancy from Family on Bikes: “I suppose there comes a time in every parent’s life when they realize the tides are turning; when they realize their children are, all of a sudden, able to take care of their parents rather than being cared for, but I never expected that day to come so soon.

It was as we cycled through Panama that my day came. Within the first hour of the day, my stomach started hurting and it periodically cramped up feeling like someone took a big ol’ staple gun to my gut. My head was spinning and I wasn’t quite sure which way was up. And I was tired.

I was pedaling up steep Panamanian hills on the hottest day we had experienced yet, already dehydrated and getting more so by the minute, sick to my stomach, dizzy, and tired. I wasn’t sure I would make it to town.

Eleven-year-old Davy, knowing I was feeling lousy, fell into position right behind me. All day he stayed right on my tail – never dropping back, never pushing on ahead. Escorting me.

I remember looking in my rear-view mirror at the young man behind me thinking, “I’m so glad he’s there. If I collapse and tumble down, Davy will be able to help. He’ll know what to do.” I was very comforted by that thought.

There was a part of me who would willingly collapse into my son’s arms, knowing he was a young confident man capable of rising to whatever challenge lay before him. There was another part of me, however, who rebelled at the idea. I was Mom. I was the provider. I was the strong person in this relationship. Davy was my son, my baby. My little one I cradled in my arms and kissed his boo-boos. It wasn’t time for him to grow up. I wasn’t quite ready for that to happen.

And yet I couldn’t turn back the hands of time. My boys were becoming young men.”



Here’s your chance to win the GRAND giveaway package and what an awesome package it is.


Hi-Tec: V-Lite Sheba Strap sandals perfect for summer.

Eno Hammock: SingleNest hammock excellent for lounging in your backyard or camping.

Sierra Designs: Hurricane jacket that will keep you dry in a down pour.

Nuu-Muu: The best running dress, lounging dress, travel dress and run errands dress. A dress for pretty much any occasion. (you pick)

Headsweats: The Go Hat. For someone that doesn’t wear hats when running or hiking, I love this hat. Lightweight, breathable and cute (that’s a must).

Isis: Henna Day bra and hipster. Comfortable, breathable and non-restricting. You won’t even know you’re wearing them.


Here’s how to enter:

~ Upload a photo below of you with your tykes.

~ Leave a comment in the comment section with your photo description and one of your best mom stories. (unfortunately, when loading the photos there is no way to add name or email. Comment section is how I will match the photos)

*You MUST do both.


I’m sure you want some extra entries for this one. Here ya go!

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*leave a comment for each entry and only one photo entry per person.


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Good luck!


**This giveaway ends Saturday at midnight (MST), May 12th and the winner will be announced on Mother’s Day, May 13th.




Thank you Hi-Tec, Sierra Designs, Nuu-Muu, Headsweats, Isis and Eno Hammocks for providing these items for the giveaway. All opinions expressed are my own.


**Disclosure on photos: Photos will be viewed by readers and the general public. Adventure Tykes may use the photos in future posts or social media outlets.






  1. This is one of my favorite Mom moments so far – the first day that I was able to take both kids skiing all by myself (they were 2 and 4). It was something I’d been dreaming about since before having kids and making it a reality was one of the best days ever! Plus, they were mostly happy through the whole thing!

  2. I like adventure tykes

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  5. The picture is of me and my monkeys after I completed my first tri – after almost a year of injuries. They swam and biked with me all summer to help me train so it really was a group effort.

    Too many favorite mom stories so a favorite mom life/reality…my kids are quick to tell me how glad they are that we get to go hiking for fun and how much they love spending that time with me and my husband.

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  14. Great post and incredible prizes! I just posted a pic of me and Baby Girl. My story– My oldest kids are very pretty close in age. Most oldest doesn’t remember the time before he had a younger sister. When they were little, they would start stories with “Remember when WE were in your tummy?” Umm…no. But it was sweet.

  15. I like Adventure Tykes on fb. Of course!!

  16. I like Hi-Tec on fb. Yeah…mama needs a new pair of shoes! Ok, maybe I just want some.

  17. I like Isis clothing on fb. Woop! Woop!

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  19. I like Eno Hammocks on fb. The Campy Mom needs a hammock. Just saying.

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  21. I love the Nuu-Muu dress. They have lots of great patterns on their website. Went to their fb page. Not sure how to join:(

  22. I sent the tweet. Melissa– Love this series of posts. What a fun week! Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  23. ColleenMarie82 says:

    This is a family picture of my husband and I and our 2 daughters. We are at church on the Sunday that we did my youngest baby dedication.

    As a mom I always love hearing my kids say I love you or watching the joy and excitement on their faces. I am currently pregnant with my third due in July and this week my oldest who is 3 got to feel him move and just seeing the look on her face was priceless.

  24. ColleenMarie82 says:

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  30. ColleenMarie82 says:
  31. So many mom stories…. One of my favorites though (one I already told you, lol) is when I took the kids camping for the first time by myself. It ended up raining and flooding our tent and we spent most of the next day at the laundromat drying out our stuff. The kids and I were all miserable and ornery, but it was one heck of a memorable first camping trip for us 🙂

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    Awesome giveaway!!! Thanks for treating us mama’s to some amazing products!!

  38. rebecca webb says:

    This photo is actually of my parents, my sister and her two baby girls, and me (on the right) with my two girls, ages 10 and 2 months in the photo. My favorite mom moment happened a few weeks ago. My oldest was “babysitting” the new baby while mom cooked dinner. I went to check on them both in my oldests bedroom, and caught my oldest telling my baby tips about being my daughter. She was in the midst of talking about using “sad eyes” to get her way when she was caught. I almost died laughing with my daughter over it!

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  46. natasha says:

    The photo I submitted is of the boys and I (post car nursing session) about to go play at the park on my birthday- once we get out of the car there is no getting a picture of us because my four year old is off and running! The photo is my son Canon on the top left, me in the middle (glasses, dark hair) and my 7 month old son Colt. I can’t pinpoint one favorite memory but really a collage of moments that have been special. I’ve loved watching my boys interact and how much they love each other- Colt idolizes his big brother and Canon is so nurturing of his baby brother, those moments where they smile at each other or snuggle together or when Canon runs to Colts aid are by far the most heartwarming for me.
    One recent ‘favorite story’ is of just a week ago when we decided to go for a stroll around the neighborhood and went out the door with Canon and I walking and Colt riding on my back in our Action Baby Carrier. We ended up walking to the library, playground, pizza shop and gelateria and were gone for about 4.5 hours- we don’t live in a city so it was a real adventure going from spot to spot. It was so special to have such an impromptu “date” with my sons and we all enjoyed walking around town! We made it back to our neighborhood just as the sun was setting and the birds were chirping and it was absolutely one of those moments in life when it just is so perfect you want to freeze that moment for a long, long time.

  47. natasha says:

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    natasha brayman kelly

  48. Woo, lots of comments on here! This photo is me and my little G-Man on a hike up West White Pine Mountain – not a very big mountain by Colorado standards, but I think it is one of the best spots to view fall colors in the entire state. Since the mountains usually change leaf colors before the plains (where we live) this was Gabe’s first viewing of bright yellow aspen leaves. He was about 11 months old, and spent the whole hike going “Oooooh woooow! Oooooh Woooow!” It was totally adorable, and a really great moment to be an outdoorsy mom!

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  54. How was I not following you guys on FB!? Liked Adventure Tykes now! 🙂

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  58. And you got a tweet! 🙂

  59. That’s us on the playground equipment. C is in the Ergo. 🙂 My best mom story: It took me awhile to convince Sweet P that her brother was pretty neat. Then one day in the car she said “I love my baby brother so so much.” That was a great moment.

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  62. Ellen B says:

    Winter at the Lake – we live near the lake and we go there to swim in the summer but we also enjoy hanging out there in the winter. We take a walk usually in the area. I would love to cross the lake in the winter. There are people ice fishing so I know it is safe but I am still unsure about doing that. We love the outdoors and hike often in the summer.

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  69. Ellen B says:
  70. So great many memories… mostly outside 😀

    This photo is my son and I on our first hike using our Kelty carrier. Matthew was 12 weeks old and he absolutely LOVED it. We had a great time walking along the river, watching the kayakers and scampering over the rocks and trees – I can still hear his squeals of delight in my ear. Every time we pass the sign for the trailhead, I’m reminded of this day.

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  77. If you could see our feet, you’d see the snowshoes! That’s us on our first winter camping trip in Algonquin Provincial Park February 2011. Luke was 9, Zach was 6 and I’m not telling how old I was!

  78. Oops! I forgot my favourite mom moment. Like all the moms here, there isn’t just one, but I do remember being in the truck on the way up north on a canoe trip…the boys were in the back chatting away and my husband and I were listening to music. The song that came on was “Ahead By A Century” by the Tragically Hip. The lyrics go:

    First thing we’d climb a tree and maybe then we’d talk
    Or sit silently and listen to our thoughts
    With illusions of someday casting a golden light
    No dress rehearsal, this is our life

    And I thought to myself…yup this is our life and I got a little teary looking in the rearview at the best part of that life, my guys.

  79. I just tweeted!
    I just entered the final GIVEAWAY @adventuretykes. Hoping to win @isisforwomen @HiTecUSA @enohammocks @sierradesigns

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  82. “Me & My Girls” Yeah, we haven’t had time to make too many stories with both of them yet, but the eldest is giving me a run for my money. I don’t have a specific favorite mom moment, but it’s just something my daughter does that makes my heart melt. It’s like the first time they say “I love you” to you, unprompted. She surprises me every day with something else that makes me glad to be her mommy. I love that when you say “I love you”, she replies “I love you tutu!” Heehee. How freaking cute is that?!

  83. “watching the Orioles play at Angel Stadium”
    I love how being a mom really runs the gambit of emotions, but in reflecting I mainly remember the sweet ones. I love watching him master each new milestone and right now, I love hearing him sing. Always brings a smile to my face and it never gets old… no matter how many times I hear Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!

  84. I liked Adventure Tykes on Facebook!

  85. The photo is from our day out at Seaworld on the Gold Coast We had been there all day, and it was closing time. Normally I am taking the photos so we have a lot with our boys and Daddy. This time I asked David (daddy) to take a photo of me with Nicholas, Cameron and Kyle so that we had one together. We still need a more recent photo as we have five boys 🙂
    I love looking back at photos as they are a great way to remember fun times 😉

  86. i have lots of wonderful moments with my boys. My recent best Mum moment was watching my oldest son (who is only 17) finish his 12 weeks training within the Navy Defence Force. Flying down as a family to see his March Out Parade was one of my most proudest moments ever – seeing him stand tall and proud in his full whites uniform and know that he was so happy within his chosen career – I had tears but they were happy tears!

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  93. Just posted a photo of my son and I on a backpacking trip last summer in front of one of my favourite waterfalls.

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