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Mother’s Day Tribute, Day 3 – New and Expecting Moms



When Bedge and I were expecting with J-man many of our family, friends and even strangers told us our active lifestyle was about to come to a halt. Oh, how they were wrong. I’m not sure if they thought it was too risky to take an infant out hiking or camping or if they just didn’t think it was feasible. Either way, we carried on. We may not continue at the rate we did pre-child but we still get out and do the activities we love WITH J-Man. We have to go slower, take more gear, change things up a bit but we still do it.

As a new or expecting mom the thought of stepping outside with your newborn can sound daunting and even scary. Once you get into the swing of things and are comfortable caring for the little person in your arms you will want to venture out and share the world with them. At least, that’s how I felt with J-Man.

We were holed up in the house for 1 month after J-Man was born. (1 ENTIRE month and I almost went crazy) J-man was preemie, weighing 4lbs 11oz, and Swine Flu  (H1N1) was running rampant at the time. Being a new mom I wasn’t taking a chance of my little man getting sick. I will preface that I was a NEW, neurotic, overprotective mom…those being the main reasons I didn’t leave the house with a preemie for a month.

After 4 weeks of being surrounded by walls and artificial light I was eager to take J-Man outside. Let the sun shine on his face, let him feel the breeze in what little hair he had and take in some                                                                                               fresh air.

We started with little walks around the neighborhood and then we hit the trails.

J-Man went hiking at 6 weeks, camping at 3 months and we haven’t slowed down yet.

What I like to tell new and expecting moms is that you most definitely can continue your active lifestyle but things will change a bit.

Your pace will slow down requiring more patience.

You’ll need to be more flexible with scheduling.

You’ll haul more gear with you.

You MUST have a sense of humor.

Most importantly have fun. Having fun and enjoying the activities you love with your new little tyke is whats important.






Here is another fantastic giveaway dedicated to new and expecting moms.





Here’s the sweet giveaway package:

Belle Baby Carrier– Organic Moss front carrier. Love this! We used the exact one with J-Man

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Vapur–  Element bottle. Mom’s need to stay hydrated. Great bottle that collapses when empty.

Outdoor Research– Solstice Sun Hat. Start protecting your tyke early from the sun.


How to enter:

Leave a comment sharing with us how your active lifestyle has changed since your tykes have arrived. Do you still do the same activities, have you stopped being active or have you found new interests and activities in the outdoors?


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Good luck!


**This giveaway ends Saturday at midnight (MST), May 12th and the winner will be announced on Mother’s Day, May 13th.


Make sure you check in tomorrow for another terrific giveaway and why Moms deserve and NEED ‘me time’. Spread the word!!



Thank you Belle Baby Carrier, Mountain Mama – Expecting Adventure, ThinkBaby, Vapur and Outdoor Research for providing these items for the giveaway. All opinions expressed are my own.




  1. SInce having kids we have had to tone down our activities, but still do the same things. It’s great to share what we love with the kids. However, my interest in bugs and animals has gone up significantly as both our kids are obsessed with them!

  2. I like mountain mama

  3. I like OR

  4. We just do things a little slower now…and it takes a LOT longer to get ready! 🙂 Keeping my fingers crossed to win for my SIL! 🙂

  5. I tweeted!

  6. I like MM on FB! 🙂

  7. I like OR on FB 🙂

  8. Kmolcak says:

    We have become much more scaled back on the adventure side of things, but am missing it so much, it may just get scaled back up again this year!

  9. We have not excatly changed our activities, but we have modified them to be more appropriate for our kids.

  10. Phillipa says:

    We are now on baby 4 and we are again in a holding pattern…..I didn’t get out at all with the first two (husband #1 wasn’t into it.) Went camping when baby 3 was 4 mths….it was very cold. Baby 4 is now 5 weeks and we can’t wait for the good weather to stick! Since babies 3 & 4 are so close in age though, we need to almost double the gear we have….

  11. Phillipa says:

    Liked Bellle Baby carrier

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    Liked Vapur

  15. Kelly Adams says:

    We’ve always had an outdoor lifestyle and we trust this won’t change with the arrival of our bambino this Fall! While we’ll modify our activities and our time will be more limited (for sure), we can’t wait to expose our kiddo to the great outdoors. Your blog has been very inspirational 🙂 Very excited to check out all of the brands that are a part of this promo – some I’m familiar with, some I’m not. The Mountain Mama maternity line looks awesome, and I’ve heard great things about Belle.

  16. ColleenMarie82 says:

    I think our activities have changed some, we have slowed down a lot with 2 and 1 on the way life can be hectic. But I do try to get outside and enjoy the fresh air with my kids and we try to make everything a learning experience.

  17. ColleenMarie82 says:

    LIKE belle baby carrier on facebook

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  21. ColleenMarie82 says:
  22. rebecca webb says:

    My outdoor activities so far have not been plentiful. I am trying however. I did a several mile hike with a six week old about a month ago, and I was about dead the next day. I need to go in a little slower next time!

  23. rebecca webb says:

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  27. Laura Downie says:

    We could maintain a fairly active lifestyle after #1, but after the 2nd – things got tougher!


  28. Laura Downie says:

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  30. natasha says:

    I still love to get outdoors with my boys- it has changed a little but only to accomodate their age/stage. We go camping still and hike still. I love to just walk to the store or library with my boys and of course the playground.

  31. natasha says:
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    natasha brayman kelly

  36. I so wished we had travelled when our little ones were younger, but we didnt think about it until the last few years! Now that we do have the travel bug we are so keen to explore Australia, and show our boys life.

    What a great experience your little man has and is going to have – that is a fantastic way to grow!

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