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Tuesdays Tip of the Day: Trail Snacks


When hiking with your tykes it is important to keep them fueled with healthy snacks that will sustain their energy levels for the duration of the hike. You don’t want your snacks to be heavy and bulky or require you to pack out a lot of trash.

I have put together a list of easy trail snacks with minimal waste for your tykes and yourselves.

Cuties (clementines)

String Cheese

Granola Bars (we’ve been making our own)

Apples already sliced with Justin’s or Artisana butters

Pepperoni and cheese

Trail Mix or Gorp (we make our own)

Pb & J

Boiled eggs


Raspberries, Blackberries or Blueberries

Dried Fruit/Fruit Leather



Hydration is very important so always bring enough water.


I know we are missing other great snacks we haven’t thought of yet and we are always looking for more.


What am I missing? What snacks do you take on the trail?




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  1. We like to bring peanut butter crackers, also.

    Thanks SO much Melissa for being the featured Trailblazer on my site today! You are so inspiring.

  2. You’ve pretty well covered our snacks. You missed grapes which is one of our favourites. Don’t forget to pack your snacks appropriately – after a couple trips out, we got a banana holder for our guys banana – no more squishy, black bananas for us.

    Are you going to be doing one on trail lunches? They are fun too!

  3. Sort of off subject: but what kind of kid backpack does your boy have in the picture? It looks great!

    • Alyssa, the backpack is the Deuter Junior and J-Man LOVES it. He is almost 3 and it fits him really well. He enjoys filling it up with his hiking ‘supplies’ (toys) and snacks. Here is an amazon link to it: http://ow.ly/8ZYnD

      Let me know if you end up getting one and if you like it.

  4. CHOCOLATE! We always have an emergency ration with us. Other than that, you’ve got all my bases covered, too.


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