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Guest Post: Camping – Let It Rain


Yay! Another guest post. Today’s great post is from Tiffany at A Little Campy. Tiffany loves to fish and camp with her husband and 3 children. She prefers tent camping and cane pole fishing. Tiffany has a family camping blog where she shares her adventures in camping and motherhood, from pitching tents to pitching fits. Join her there anytime, around the campfire.


Who introduced you to camping?  That was the question posed to me recently.  Honestly, I don’t know who took me camping first.  It was probably my parents.  You see, I have been camping and fishing for as long as I can remember.  My parents and grandparents on both sides loved camping and fishing.

If someone were to ask what brought me to camping, nature or nurture?  The answer would be both.  Camping is in my blood, but it was also taught to me at an early age.

Now, if you ask who taught me to love camping, I would say my grandparents, Neanie and Papaw.  You see, I spent two weeks with them every summer.  During these trips, they would take us camping, but on one condition.

It had to rain.

I know, that sounds odd.  Let me explain.  My grandparents owned a small ranch in east Texas.  East Texas is hot and dry.  If it didn’t rain, my  grandfather would have to bale hay so it wouldn’t dry out too much.
But if it rained, the grass wouldn’t dry out as quickly.  You can’t bale hay right after a good rain anyway.

So every summer my sister and I prayed for rain.  And usually, we got it!

Once the rain came, we would pack up the camper and head to the campgrounds.  The rain usually didn’t last long.  We would spend our days fishing, swimming and hanging out with our grandparents.

We learned a lot on these camping trips.

* Always wear flip-flops in the shower house.

* Don’t lay out in the sun in your bathing suit, when there is air conditioning in the camper (Neanie never understood the premise of sun bathing).

* When you put a worm on a hook, always spit on it (Neanie’s tip- She said her mom always spit on her worm and her mom always caught a lot of fish).

I also learned a lot about my grandparents. Camping trips are great places to build relationships. You don’t have all the distractions as you do in your day-to-day life. Even though we lived a couple hours away from my grandparents, I always had a strong connection with them.

Now I teach my kids to camp and fish. They love it! I knew they would. It’s in their blood!

By the way, I wish I had some pictures of my grandparents camping to share with you. But they have never been enthused about having their picture taken. They are too practical for that nonsense. You would know that, if they had taken you camping.

I’ll see ya by the campfire!

Tiffany, The Campy Mom

Thank you Tiffany for a fun post. I’d have to say it’s in my blood too. 🙂

Who introduced you to camping? Friends? Family? Still waiting to take the plunge?


  1. Awesome article. So good to see families getting out and enjoying the outdoors and teaching the next generation to appreciate and love camping. Keep up the good work.


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