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Tuesdays Tip of the Day: No Cotton!


As winter is approaching and the weather is cooling off I wanted to pull from the archives and remind you not to dress your tykes in cotton during the winter months while your tykes are playing outside.


Cotton is a poor choice for cold weather activities due to its high thermal conductivity (rate of energy loss through a piece of material). So in words that I can understand- you don’t stay very warm or dry with cotton and especially when it gets wet with perspiration. Cotton allows the moisture to sit on your skin, in turn cooling you instead of keeping you warm.

Dress your tyke in clothing made of synthetic fibers (polyester blends, microfiber, coolmax, dri-fit) or merino wool.  They have moisture wicking abilities that will keep the moisture off your tykes skin allowing them to stay comfortable and warm while playing in the cold weather. It’s very important that your tyke is dressed appropriately in cold weather activities to prevent hypothermia.

Here are some brands that make clothing for tykes that wick away moisture:


66 North

Under Armour

Lucky Bums

Molehill Mountain

How do you dress your tyke for outdoor activities in cooler weather?



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  1. […] Breaker base layers – I believe in non-cotton base layers to keep your tykes comfortable and warm during winter activities. Merino wool is a good choice. […]

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